door installation services

If you experience a problem with your garage door, there are many possible causes of the problem and it takes close examination by a qualified garage door professional to detect the exact problem and the cause of the issue. It is upon the technician to determine whether a repair would be a feasible solution to the problem or new door connection is the only solution. The feasibility of any solution is measured in terms of cost to be incurred, durability of the solution and availability of resources require for repair such as quality spare parts, expertise and right tool for the task.Some of the problem that causes the breakdown of garage may be one or more of the following:

  • Damaged garage door opener which hosts the motor
  • Broken spring
  • Damaged hinges, cables, rollers and bearings
  • Loose bolts, nuts and screw
  • Damaged garage door opener sensor

Some of these problems are easy to fix and their damages to the entire door are negligible. In such cases garage door repair in Deer Park, NY technicians will repair the door at very low costs. However some of the problems may damage the door to irreparable levels and before repairing them the extent of damage and advise the client accordingly. Instead of repairing a door which will breakdown in the next one year or so, you better add some few coins and purchase a new door which will solve your problem once and for all.Visit our coupon page or enquire from our stores to learn about our discount on purchase and installation of new doors.